Dota 2 in UiTM S3


*Am in class; focusing on the lecture.

*whatsapp notification - someone sent me a picture, followed by "boss, tengok ni!"

*another whatsapp notification - a picture again, but have with no massage.

*and 3 more.

Kinda getting annoyed with the picture massages, and the curiosity of me has took over the lecture, so i decided to check the hell was going on with my contact. Felt like someone invisible tickle my stomach, and a shock variation coming through, i was like "UiTM organize dota 2 tournament ?? Seriously ??".

That was what happen 3 weeks ago. I kinda happy to hear that this game has entered the environment of our beloved uitm. At first I kinda reluctant to participate since I dont have a team, but then one of the student whom supposedly to be the manager of the tournament in S3 asked me to join his group. For him to not be the manager, he must take part in the game. With the reason of his, and mine, why not ? So i agreed.


The qualifying round for the main event on this weekend was held last weekend. We succeed to enter the 8 spot out of 12 if my memory still serve right. We just only played 1 game, and then qualified. Haha.

Oh. On the qualifying round, the game played offline, first time for me actually, but still it was expected, but what humor me the most was how the captain mode was made. On the whiteboard, manually picking and banning the hero using marker. This seriously made my they! Does not have the photo to show you guys, but you just imagine, both team in the same room, discussing, facing the same whiteboard, with the captain holding the marker to draft for the team, on the whiteboard. 

Though it seems stupid, but it worked!

And the staffs(student) really tried their best to make this event a big thing. They scattered the vote and cheers board throughout the faculty, they even made a selfie-and wefie contest with what they called tower that they made, twitter and facebook account to keep updating the progress of the event, and all things kinda well managed. I kinda feels sorry for the staff that had test this month. Haha.

Well. Wish us the best of luck. For dota 2 player reading this, dont be a pinoy!

Ah I almost forgot, this event was sponsored by Mountain Dew.

~ Have a nice day

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