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Hi. Today is the day that main event for Dota 2 Mountain Dew Challenge in S3. 8 out of the 12 team were selected for the main event. The qualifying round was held last week, and my team manage to survive it for the main event today.

The event quite exciting. They provide a hall to broadcast live game happening, even though the game run offline and the caster for the game too!

The Mountain Dew staff coming down to the event themself. I believe they were two of them, just to check the players' form and regulation when the game is happening.

They introduce one rule, which we never heard of it on any dota 2 tournament, that player must wear the headphone or earphone the entire time of the game or the team will be disqualified. I mean, whattttt ? We were okay with the need to have the earphone, but the disqualified because of not wearing one is so so so absurd -.-

The fans!!
Put that aside, we lost our first match in the main event. Having lost 2 to 0, which at first we just wanna have fun, now if feels like it gave us a determination to do well next time. Haha. Guess, there were never exist fun while being dominated.

Well. Back to reality now. Had to finish up my assignment, and studies for upcoming tests.

Have a good day~

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