B'cik Corner; The Best Nasi Ayam Kunyit


Located at Arau Perlis, B'cik Corner famously known for its *saffron chicken rice ; 'Nasi Ayam Kunyit'. Having a high PR among the near local university's students for its delicious and cheap price, this *eatery has become one of the must try place if you come to Perlis.

The store will open starts from 5pm till 3 or 5am. Targeting the nightlife wanderer that craving for delicious food and at the same time wont bite their wallet, succeeding to occupy its seats for 3 quarter most of the time. Always screening movie on its projector and wont miss any highlight football match, make this place even more preferable for them.


It tastes so great that if you have taste it once, you will be craving for it again and again, and even if you are 600km apart (students), you will eventually coming back to this little state and the first food in your mind will be from this place!

But dont lets the positive review sway you away. The only downside for the ayam kunyit which is, it is cook with lot of oil, and it is a turn off for most of the people that avoid eating excessive fat, which mostly the girl. I do agree with the excessive oil, and even though it taste great, the oil still looks ugly if you know what they will become inside your body.

But hey,you cant blame the food if you get fat right ? Especially when the food is amazingly delicious.

~Have a nice day

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