How Are You ?


Hey you there. What are you doing? How are you? May you please answer my question that actually means nothing than just a conversation starter, or just an information digger.

What ?

Yeah you. The one which always ask and keep it in your head and judge it with whatever answers that you got, that you see, like you are the next Sherlock Holmes or The Excellency of judicial court.

What ?

Yeah you. The one who nice, sweet and concern with whatever are happening and try to stand at the peak of the situation just to show that you can solve, help, and how reliable you are to the world.

What ?

Hey you. We are the same. I, once as a small snake shape, with my colony, being triggered by some alarm to get out from my hanging home, and have been force by nature to swim through a long dark cave until I, the only one whom successfully entered something relatively small round ball and grow bigger and bigger with the ball until I made it out from that cave again. Yeah you too have gone through that.

What ?

Yeah what. What gives you the superior position to put someone or anyone in any position and situation into something that you yourself created ? What are you ducking doing ? We are the same. Who are you to act superior at the first place ? 

What ?

Yeah you. That one which always do this. You and your friends who thinks that is funny to talk about, and spread it to the world about how good your are, how reliable you are, how helping you are, just stop breathing. 

Oh. Are you feeling the spice-ly warm inside your body ? Are you feeling sad by reading this ? Did you try to judge this writing just now ? Or did you really a judger yourself ? I duckingly don't care.

Feels nothing ? Good. Feels something ? Good.

What ?

Just a note to self.

~Have a nice day

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